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reaction to last night and what it means? >> first of all, as a yankees fan, a nats fan, and a romney fan, it was a pretty good night. thank you for having fred and i. these are always fun to do. i am a huge fan of your jet engines, utc, particularly when they work. i am still here, so that is a great sign. the tw factors from last night, how much did mitt romney raise his image? we have seen a number of polls showing 2 to 3 points. mitt romney came across as somebody who was more genuine that they it -- than they had realized. this guy could step into the oval office and have no problems doing it. i am not sure that any other republican running in the primaries would have been able to pull that off last night. and i am being generous. [laughter] what i wonder is, we do our dialing between 5:00 and 9:00 p.m. on the west coast, how do you do a national poll tax everybody is going to bed -- on the east coast, how do you do a national poll? everybody is going to bed. among undecideds -- look, the first decision they make is, do i want to vote for barack obama? he is the incumbent, the guy in
wednesday night, everybody's pretty comfortable with mitt romney. >> you were early. looking back i was reading back on your twitter feed last night and even back in february, you were saying conservatives should support mitt romney. >> yes. >> is that because he was the best of the field or you really feel good about his conservative credentials? >> i ran off as a biker for a while. i was totally with chris christie. two years ago. in my defense, people still thought varius congressmen who didn't even run were going to be the candidates. it was two cpacs away from the presidential election. because it's so hard to beat an incumbent president, i still love chris christie and i hope he does run for president someday. he was so brave in the way he took on the public sector unions the way no republican had ever done before and everybody loved it. and he was just so articulate and bright. and he had become this star. i thought we would probably lose this election. because you can't take out an incumbent. especially one who's personally likable as obama is. and then for one thing, chris
mccain would show up on the night. so that september, mitt romney had a tough month, people ask me all the time with a point to happen? , if you's pretty early think. think. 18 days with sarah palin seemed like a lifetime to me. got two lifetimes, that's like 40 days. a lot can happen on the campaign trail between now and then. it's a very interesting time. let's roll back a little. let's talk about the early days. first, my story. how i got to the campaign. i will go back to september again, 2006. my wife and i were sitting on the banks of the potomac in alexandria, virginia. we have our pad and paper. paper being married to a serial campaigner, she has to go through this ritual every year where we say what are our goals for the year? it never goes exactly the way we want, but it makes me feel better, and she plays a long. we're on the banks of the potomac and we had a nice life. i had a consulting practice i was very happy with and i enjoyed the balance of my life. my wife was working at the university doing public relations for major university,. a quiet, she thought that we should
the country continues. with the senate debate in massachusetts. and in less than hour, last night's senate debate in nebraska. on a "washington journal"this morning, we will examine the health care law that mr. romney signed into law when he was governor of massachusetts. we will also be joined by host reliable sources to a. the use of social media in the presidential campaign. we will discuss the college board report on how high school students are doing on the sat's. our guest is college board vice- president. "washington journal" is live every day at 7:00 a.m. eastern. several bloody events today they did here on c-span, the new america foundation -- several live events today here on c- span. before that at noon on c-span 2, the urban institute look so what may happen to into vaults individual taxes. and the state of education, live on c-span 3 at 1:00 p.m. eastern. >> i have all of the channels. house, senate, plus book reviews, speeches. if i know a bill is coming up on the floor, i watch which shall i want to see. because i have them all. if there's a speech and if you have covered,
on twitter or find this on facebook. see the vice presidential debate this thursday night, live on c- span, seize and radio and online at watch and engaged. coming up next, mitt romney delivers a foreign-policy speech at the virginia military institute. then state representatives discussed the presidential race in ohio. that is followed by a look at the key house and senate races in that state. on tomorrow morning's washington journal, we examine mitt romney 's foreign-policy speech at the virginia military institute. then a discussion of the fiscal cliff. and bipartisan efforts in the senate to become -- to come up with a solution. later, the former federal housing finance board chairman and current state of the u.s. housing market. washington journal, like every morning at 7 eastern on c-span. campaign 2012 the date website provides -- debate website provide live coverage of the behind-the- scenes sights and sounds before and after the debate. each question is available as a separate clip. watch the were created clips as well and read streaming tweets and other directions at
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)